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Ever find yourself thinking...

  • I want to challenge myself and try something new. 

  • I would really like to get over my stage fright. I’ve secretly wanted to perform ever since I was little, but I’m too scared to do it.

  • I’m one of the top aerialists at my studio. How good am I compared to others around the country?

  • I have this amazing song and concept that I want to put together for a routine.

  • I want to get amazing professional photos and videos on a beautiful stage.

Competition is your opportunity to practice and test performance skills, find your voice on stage, and show friends and family what you’ve been working on at the studio. If you’re an adult hobbyist or looking to pick up performance experience, ASO might be right for you.

Choose your own adventure! You can pick from 3 skill levels and 4 age groups (18+).

How It Works

  1. Pick your city. You can read about each event on its own page, or view our overall calendar to see a full list of dates for the year.

  2. Register to compete! There are no submission videos and no requirements. All you have to do is sign up. Use our special Portal to create an account, manage your registration, upload music and props, and more. 

    Check each individual event page for the competitor packet, which has rigging info.

  3. Pick your level. Are you just starting classes and looking for your first performance opportunity? Or maybe you are you a seasoned performer looking to be a on beautiful stage to get photos and video for your reel. We have 3 levels, based on your current skills.

  4. Train your booty off with your friends at home or at your studio. We’ll remind you by email about deadlines for music and prop submissions. 

  5. Competition day! Start your day with a stage test to see the venue layout, get ready in the dressing room and meet the rest of the competitors, then step onto the stage and perform under beautiful lights.

  6. Do it for the pics! With our world class in house photo/video team, you get the best in the business taking photos and videos of your performance. Order on their website and then share your beastliness on Insta.

  7. Scores are posted at the event, and we’ll do an awards ceremony with medals for places 1, 2, and 3. You’ll receive your scores by email after the event with all the judge comments so that you know what to practice for next time.

  8. Celebrate! Lots of studios go out as a group after the last performance of the day, or hang out with the new aerialists that you met over the weekend.

  9. Repeat! With multiple competitions per year between February and December, there will be another chance for you to rock that nude sparkle onesie.